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since indy

Today I saw the rain
come down outside my window pain
I use to love the emill
sometimes it even kept me sane.
Yet today I thought of you
My face melted away into not the greatest place.

Just like a flash it all came back
how could you
leave me by myself.
How could u just let it all
slip away inside.

Cause 2nite I cant forget
The 1st time we met
the 1st time we laughed
the 1st time our lips did a lil dance
the 1st night we made love.

It was raining outside
I opened up my window
and you could smell it
so vigorously
Slowly you reached over me to smell
the scent I had been braggin about.

Than our lips slowly met
and than our bodies started to dance.
We danced into the night
Its like our two bodies had waited there
whole lives to be one.

But now I sit here and I cry
I'm alone tonight.
I cant smell the rain
without thinking of you

How could you just walk out on me
Get up and leave
Like nothing ever mattered
yet tonight I sit and cry
I cant help but to wonder are you thinking of me tonight

How could u just walk out on me
how could u just leave.
Just leave me alone.
To escape inside.
How could u just leave
like nothing mattered
between u and me.
I hate meeting someone new
I hat that I constantly compare
them to you.
Is that just how it works
Every significant love in your
will come back.
to haunt you.

god i know that your sending me home
that i wont be there alone
the stars are shining bright for me
lifes waiting, just wanna be free
free to be your instant star
free to be wherever you are
the one you wont let go to far.
Cause your holding me tight
all through the night.

Free to be whoever you are
free to be your instant star
Im never gonna let you go
Cause god only knows
When Ill be free to be your number one.

Cause im soaring from up above.
Free to be your instant star
free to go wherever you are.
Free to be all that you need.
and your free to just see me.

Id ont know what to tell you
I dont knwo what to ask
I dont even know how long
these feelings will last

All i know is when your lips touched mine
I felt my heart skip a beat.
I felt you inside of me.
I knew that finally this could
be something more than you and me.

Feelings were strong and
feeling were fast.
Maybe this time things will last.

I wish I could erase the last three years
back to a day that has no fears.
Start over yet again
its the story of my life

The story of my life
stuck in the past
dont wanna look forward
thats how its always been
but not anymore
im just waiting for things to begin.


alot of this arent complete...there just the start.


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